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Fathers And Kids Camping was established in Dubai in 2010. We specialize in bringing fathers and their children closer together through life-lasting adventures and challenges.


Over the past nine years, we have designed and implemented events which involve primarily camping weekends in various locations across the Arabian Gulf. We have also organized technical workshops like First Aid, falconry, surfing and off-road driving.

Our events are member-driven, non-profit and geared towards encouraging children to experience the outdoors, push their boundaries, build friendships and cultivate a closer bond with their fathers.  


Our motto is simple:

take only pictures, leave only footprints


We always bring extra garbage bags and make camp clean-up a standard practice before the tents go up. We also have a re-usable plates cutlery policy which means each child is responsible for looking after their own kit.This also reduces the amount of waste generated. On every trip, we do our best to leave the camp site cleaner than  how we found it.

Our Mission


On every trip, the dads and their kids are assigned to a Meal Team. That team’s job is to come up with the menu and feed the group of 1 of the meals (lunch,dinner or breakfast the next morning.) This way each dad has to only worry about 1 meal. The result is that the meal is creative and super tasty

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