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Meet the outdoor junkies

This TEDx video explores the factors behind the FAKC movement and its growing popularity

In March 2018, Fathers And Kids Camping was given the opportunity to come up on the TED stage and present to the world why the FAKC movement has become so popular and why it's an idea worth replicating worldwide.

"By taking ourselves and our kids outside of the man-made box that they endlessly find themselves in we allow both fathers and kids, to roam freely in nature, embark on new adventures, make new friends and have fun."

Why we should all go camping this weekend

One of the main reasons why the FAKC camping trips have become successful is because they provide dads (many of whom spend a lot of time away from their kids on the road) with a platform to connect with our kids and create lasting father & child traditions.

Some dads go on long walks up the mountains, others go off-road driving whilst listening to loud country music. The point is that it’s our chance to create a strong bond with our kids, especially while they are still young. Because before long, these kids will become teenagers and will look for any excuse NOT to hang out with their parents. So we only have a precious few years to work with and to build this bonding experience.

Research shows that this “Daddy Time” is really important for the kids. A 1997 study by Dr. Henry Abramovitch shows that highly involved fathers contribute to increased mental dexterity, increased empathy and greater self-control in children. Plus, since our members are drawn from all corners of the world, these camping trips also become a hands-on cultural experience for the children. They get to play with kids from all different backgrounds, listen to new music, and taste dishes that they would otherwise not get exposed to at home, like Moroccan tajine, Pakistani curry, or Spanish paella. We also treat them to fresh hand-rolled pizza and Australian Wagyu burgers. It’s always a feast!

Fundamentally, what makes Fathers And Kids Camping special is the way it gives fathers the space to connect with our children in a natural environment, with no pre-set boundaries, no limits. It allows us to bond with them, push their limits, and build traditions which they could then pass on to their children…from one generation to the next.

Thanks to the simplicity, low-cost and growing alumni network, Fathers & Kids Camping has started to expand beyond the Middle East, with new chapters opening up soon in UK, US and Morocco. Just imagine, families from Montreal will be able to link up with camping trips in Melbourne, from London to Los Angeles, from Copenhagen to Cairo. Think of how much fun that would be!

So I encourage you all to break the chains of your daily grind. Get your kids out of the house, release them from all the boundaries, and all the technology. Join us, join the outdoor revolution!

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