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Curry4COVID launched!

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Taking action to help those in need during COVID19.

Thousands of low-wage workers in Dubai have lost their jobs as a result of COVID19. They are left with no salaries to live off and no way to get back home to their families. These are the same hard-working individuals who made it their goal to keep our city shiny and running smoothly.

As part of #Curry4COVID, Fathers And Kids Camping is working with Classic Catering to prepare hot meals which will then be distributed through the UAE Food Bank in support of their 10 million meals campaign to help those in need.

We will also supply face masks to each meal recipient, thanks to Swiss-based KGS Diamond and Dubai-based SEW Uniforms. The aim is to help alleviate their hunger whilst also improving their health.

To achieve our target of serving 50,000 meals during the month of Ramadan, we ask that you please support us by purchasing one of the following meal packages via the KIDDO app:

  • 5 meals: 40 AED

  • 25 meals: 200 AED

  • 100 meals: 800 AED

  • 250 meals: 2,000 AED

  • 500 meals: 4,000 AED

If you already have the KIDDO app, click here. If you don't, here's a short video that explains the easy steps to download it and reach the Curry4COVID page:

We will provide regular updates on our meal distributions via our Instagram @curry4covid.

Please follow us and keep track of the impact we're having.

For any questions, please send us an email to

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