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Campers take to the airwaves

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

So what makes FAKC so much fun for kids. Two kids from our group got the chance to go live on air and tell listeners just why they love these camping weekends

Loads of excitement and some nerves as Cyrus and Ellie take the microphone to discuss with the uber talented #helenfarmer. From how the group began, to favourite campfire meals and a sea of dead jellyfish

In December 2018, Fathers And Kids Camping was invited to the studios of the ARN 103.8 FM Radio Studios to discuss what makes this group unique and why other families should consider taking the leap into the Great Outdoors.

"My favorite part is the car rides to the camp side with my dad because it gives us the chance to talk and catch up".

To listen to this radio clipping, please click here:

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