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Kenya Water Project 2020

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

We open the taps to deliver clean, safe water for Kenya

Fathers And Kids Camping has partnered with Project Maji to bring sustainable access to clean water & sanitation to three neighbouring villages in the water-stressed region of Machakos County, Kenya.


Water scarcity is one of the world's leading problems with over 1 billion people lacking access to clean drinking water. The implications of the lack of safe water and access to adequate sanitation are numerous, with women and children being disproportionately impacted. From time wasted collecting water, to missing school, and suffering from water borne illnesses, limited access to safe water continues to stifle growth and cause death in communities across Kenya.


Project Maji designs, builds and monitors solar-powered water kiosks across sub-Saharan Africa. Using smart-solar technology, Project Maji is providing 50,000+ Africans with sustainable access to clean water.

Through the funding that has been secured from friends and family, we will be able to build 3 new water facilities and provide WASH training as well as new toilets for the children to use. These new water stations will provide water, sanitation as well as hygiene training for 5,000 people.

A group of 42 FAKCers (mums, dads and kids) was planning to travel to Machakos County, Kenya on March 28th to help build the 3 facilities hand in hand with the community and Project Maji. In light of COVID19, the works will now be carried out by a local team. The aim is to make sure there are no delays in the provision of clean water to those who need it most.

Long-Term Impact

To ensure that the local communities in Machakos have the funds available for essential repairs, we are incorporating an automated, mobile money solution managed by the village itself. This way, the village is empowered to manage its own water supply, ensuring good health and prosperity for the entire community.

If you would like to support this cause, please visit our dedicated Kenya project portal:

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