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Students Unite!

Dubai's Next Generation of Leaders Step Up to Combat COVID19

Program Overview

Covid Crusaders is the student-oriented affiliate of Curry4Covid, a humanitarian campaign that is focused on providing warm meals to those who have lost their jobs due to COVID19.

The meals are prepared by Classic Catering, paid for through the KIDDO app and then distributed at labour camps by the UAE Food Bank in support of Dubai’s 10 Million Meal campaign.

The Curry4Covid campaign has so far served nearly 20,000 meals. Our target is to reach 50,000 meals by June 30.

Students are invited to enroll in the Covid Crusaders program and keep track of the number of meals that they get their family & friends to donate on their behalf via the Kiddo app. The more meals you get purchased on your behalf, the higher you move up in the rankings!

Each meal costs 8 AED and also includes a protective face mask which is provided by SEW Uniforms.

All participants will receive a Certificate recognizing the number of meals they helped serve to those in need and the Rank they attained (see table). Students can use this towards their community action credits.

We will provide regular updates on our progress via Instagram @covid.crusaders

To enroll or if you have any questions about this program please send an email to

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" Gandhi

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