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Helping hand for those in need

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

The curtain falls on Covid Crusaders as they surpass their target

Our No. 1 Covid Crusader, Ammar Rahman

After many weeks of diligent work, 300 students managed to secure over 30,000 meals for those in need.

The students collected funds which were used to prepare warm meals that then got distributed to labour camps in distress.

This initiative is in conjunction with #Curry4COVID which is a partnership between Fathers And Kids Camping, Classic Catering, the KIDDO app, and the UAE Food Bank.

The student with the highest number of meals secured is Ammar Rahman from Nord Anglia School. Ammar blew away all expectations by collecting a whopping 1,150 meals. He helped feed over 1,000 low-wage workers who lost their jobs due to COVID19 -- an incredible achievement for an 11-year old student.

Schools United

In total, 23 schools from across Dubai took part in the Covid Crusaders programme, including both primary and secondary schools.

JESS Ranches firmly retained its grip on 1st place in the School Leader Board. They organized a "Give Back Day" which helped them raise over 4,300 meals by completing various challenges such as running, swimming, cycling and baking. Thanks to JESS Ranches and the many students that took part from that school, the Covid Crusaders were able to achieve their 30,000 target by the 30 June deadline.

Cyrus Fotuhi spaking on behalf of Covid Crusaders on Dubai Eye Radio Show

On July 1, Cyrus Fotuhi was selected by Studio Dubai Eye as their Hero of the Day and invited to talk about the impact of this student initiative. To listen to Cyrus' segment of the radio show please click here.

For those who still want to contribute some meals to the #Curry4Covid humanitarian campaign you can still do so until 30 August.

If you have any questions or suggestions please send an email to:

You can keep track of our progress via our Instagram pages: @covid.crusaders and @curry4covid

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