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Zanzibar: Project Done!

60 volunteers from Dubai raise the bar on education in Zanzibar

Fathers And Kids Camping, in partnership with CR Hope Foundation, have successfully completed a hands-on project that will positively impact the lives of children in Zanzibar.

Local context

Approximately 140,000 children in Zanzibar between the ages of 4 and 15 do not attend school. The CR Hope Foundation is trying to change this through their Seeds of Light school in Kizimkazi; but the school lacked classrooms to meet the demand in that region. It also didn't have a playground for the kids and suffered from constant blackouts.

Creating Impact

Fathers And Kids Camping joined hands with CR Hope to address each of these 3 problems. Through a project called Impact Zanzibar, Fathers And Kids Camping sent a group of 60 volunteers to the Seeds of Light school consisting of moms, dads and kids. Over a period of 5 days which coincided with the Eid holiday (May 10-15), our group achieved 3 important milestones.

Brick by brick

First, we laid 5,000 large bricks each weighing 20kg towards the building of the 5 new classrooms. To put it in perspective, this is equivalent to the weight of 25 adult African elephants.

This was back-breaking work but totally worth it as it means there will be twice as many children that will have access to education as a result of the 5 new classrooms that we have built, complete with boys & girls bathrooms.

Play time!

We also completed the installation of a two-level playground, designed and built by Nina & Kai Schakat from The Rock Shack.

The 5-meter high structure includes a slide, see-saw, swing, suspension bridge, climbing wall, monkey bars, ramp with pull-up rope as well as a climbing net.

In true Dubai fashion, we ended up building what is now the largest playground in all of Zanzibar and one of the tallest structures in that region. It is also the only playground in the region to feature solar power lighting for nighttime security.

Let the light shine in

To alleviate the constant blackouts that the school was suffering from, we formed a partnership with regional solar powerhouse Greenlink Solar to come up with a winning formula. With their guidance, we installed a 8.3kW solar PV system with battery storage as backup. This means that the Seeds of Light school will never again have a blackout, which is fitting given the name of the school.

This incredible three-staged achievement, organized in just six weeks, would not have been possible without the support of our corporate sponsors and partners. They include: KGS, Houlihan Lokey, Country Hill, Unilever, Cashee, SEW Uniforms, Pirates Surf Rescue, Sharazad Boutique Hotel, The Rock Shack, Mediclinic Springs, Tipsy Gipsy, and RKN Global.

Together, we pulled together AED 500,000 ($136,000) which went directly towards covering the costs of building materials, the solar system, the playground materials and the items on the school's wish list which includes things like calculators, stickers and notepads.

If you still want to help, it's not too late. The expanded classrooms will need teachers, tables and chairs. To help with the running costs of the school please contribute via our dedicated Global Giving portal:

Building a legacy

Impact Zanzibar represents the fifth philanthropic project of Fathers And Kids Camping in the past five years.

Our next impact project will be in Uganda in 2022. Stay tuned!

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

Mahatma Ghandi

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