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Student Leader Board - updated

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

23 schools now taking part in this COVID19 student initiative

Theia from the Swiss International School
Nathan from the Gems Wellington Academy


Covid Crusaders is a student-led initiative aimed at helping those in Dubai who have been hit hardest by COVID19.

The students collect funds which are used to prepare warm meals that then get distributed to labour camps in distress.

This initiative is in conjunction with #Curry4COVID which is a partnership between Fathers And Kids Camping, Classic Catering, the KIDDO app, and the UAE Food Bank.

#Curry4COVID has so far delivered 23,000 warm meals to those in need.

Top 5 Ranking

There are now 23 schools from across Dubai taking part in the Covid Crusaders programme.

Here is the ranking of the top 5 schools with the largest number of participants:

The student with the highest number of meals secured so far is Nathan D'Cunha from Gems Wellington Academy.

Nathan has been putting all his allowance money towards paying for meals and also getting his family to purchase meals on his behalf. So far he has amassed 525 meals!

The students keep a log of the meals they secure and at the end of the programme they receive a certificate recognizing their community leadership effort.

To learn more about Covid Crusaders check out this feature written by Goumbook.

Note: The schools and student rankings are refreshed every Sunday until the programme comes to an end on 30 June, 2020.

For regular updates on our progress please visit us on Instagram @covid.crusaders

To enroll or if you have any questions about this programme please send an email to

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